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Although you have already been admitted as a member of CIFA, we would be grateful if you would take five to ten minutes of your time to update your personal and professional details for the revised CIFA database.





Terms and Conditions of Membership of CIFA

As a member of CIFA, you agree at all times to be bound by the following general Terms and Conditions:

1. As a member of CIFA, you shall:

(a) Carry out your professional duties regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, beliefs, religion, language, political persuasion, prejudice or hatred.

(b) Observe confidentiality, integrity, honesty, and act in accordance with CIFA’s Aims (as set out in below) at all times whilst carrying out duties on behalf of CIFA.

(c) Avoid taking private advantage of information obtained in the course and performance of your professional duties on behalf of CIFA. You shall not promote or advertise yourself or your personal services by any commercial or trade means using the name, philosophy, principles or aims of CIFA other than expressly agreed with the CIFA Directorate or as expressly permitted under these Terms and Conditions.

(d) At all times comply with the code of conduct of any professional body to which you belong and perform professional duties at all times according to the established professional and ethical standards of the profession to which you belong.

(e) Raise immediately any issues of professional or ethical concern with the CIFA Directorate as appropriate.

(f) Avoid involvement in any circumstances or situation that may result in a miscarriage of justice.

(g) Carry out professional duties using current scientific methods of proven validity and using appropriate equipment and materials. You shall observe due care and all relevant Health and Safety concerns in the use of technical aids and equipment used, as well as optimizing the use of resources for which you are responsible.

(h) Reject any proposal or offer that may lead CIFA into disrepute. This includes both professional and personal misconduct. You must never allow yourself to be influenced in your professional judgement as a consequence of accepting gifts or other inducements.

(i) Refer to CIFA as the database provider when compiling and presenting the results of your findings. A full copy of your report should always be sent to CIFA in the first instance before presentation to any third party except where permitted by CIFA expressly in writing to do anything to the contrary.

(j) Observe respect and professionalism in relation to other professionals and colleagues, and carry out activities on the basis of being part of a team; and

(k) Support and encourage continuing personal and professional development programmes, and wherever possible assist and provide professional development opportunities for new personnel.

2. In order to publicize CIFA, you shall be entitled to use the current CIFA logo on your CV. You shall have no other rights to use the CIFA logo.

3. In any media communication, broadcast or publication or in any other dealing with the press or media that you have, you shall not be entitled to speak on behalf of or make any statement on behalf of CIFA without the prior written consent of CIFA. You shall, however, be able to refer to your membership of CIFA.

4. You shall honour the victims of atrocities and protect the emotions of the relatives who have lost their loved ones. Details of investigations in relation to individual persons should not be given or publicized by any media communication.

5. In order to maintain the highest scientific standards you shall understand that moral and political judgements are not based on scientific expertise. They are private opinions and should be understood as such.

6. You should immediately notify an appropriate member of the CIFA Directorate of any reasonably foreseeable conflict of interest that you may have with any third party which may instruct CIFA regarding the provision of Data (as defined in the membership application on the next page).

7. You should notify CIFA as soon as practicable of any material amendments, deletions or other alteration of the Data.

8. You understand that as a member of CIFA, either you or your employer may be contacted by CIFA or other third parties asking you to provide specialist forensic services. Once contacted by CIFA, or a third party at CIFA’s direction, you shall use all reasonable endeavours to co-operate with and, where possible, work with that third party to provide the forensic services that they require. You hereby warrant:

- That your employer consents to your membership of CIFA, and;

- That your employer will use all reasonable endeavours to facilitate your availability to perform forensic services for CIFA.

9. You expressly agree that your relationship with CIFA is not one of employer and employee.

10. You may terminate your membership of CIFA at any time with immediate effect by giving written notice to the Directorate at the Finance and Administration office in Stonehaven.

11. You agree that no warranty is given or shall be given by CIFA in respect of the level of employment or remuneration that you may receive as a result of your membership of CIFA.

12. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all terms, licences, conditions and warranties, express or implied, whether arising under statute or common law are hereby excluded.

13. You shall and hereby agree to indemnify CIFA in full in respect of any loss, liability or damage including, but not limited to, liability for death or personal injury, damage to property and any third party claims incurred or suffered or imposed upon CIFA directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with the provision of services by you to any third party.

14. The indemnity given by you in paragraph 13 above shall not apply to any loss, liability or damage to the extent that such, loss, liability or damage is attributable to the negligence or wilful misconduct of CIFA or any of employees or agents.

15. CIFA reserve the right to remove any member from the database held by CIFA.

16. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland. You irrevocably agree that the courts of Scotland shall have jurisdiction in relation to any matters arising out of, or in connection with, these terms and conditions and, for these purposes, irrevocably submit/prorogate to the exclusive jurisdiction of those courts.

Given that no document can reasonably cover all situations, CIFA emphasizes that the above terms and conditions are not exhaustive. Should you be in any doubt regarding any situation, CIFA strongly advises that you contact an appropriate CIFA Director for clarification.

CIFA reserves the right to amend the above Terms and Conditions at any time, following which CIFA shall notify all members of any such amendments.

Consent to the use of personal data

I understand and agree that:

(A) the ‘Personal Details’, ‘Employment Details’ and ‘Educational and Professional Development’ (including but not limited to any “Sensitive Personal Data” as defined below) that I submit to CIFA in this application (the “Data”) will be used only to assess my suitability for membership of CIFA;

(B) if my membership of CIFA has been confirmed, the Data will be placed by CIFA on a central database populated with details of forensic experts and other professionals (the “Database”);

(C) that some of the Data may relate to my home contact details, health, religious beliefs, political beliefs, trade union membership, sexual orientation, race, the commission of an offence or the alleged commission of an offence by me (the “Sensitive Personal Data”) and for that reason may be classified as sensitive personal data which will be administered on the Database by CIFA;

(D)the purpose of the Database is to enable CIFA to provide third parties, such as government or international agencies, with forensic experts capable of dealing with particular situations that may arise. These third parties may be located anywhere in the world, and CIFA shall not communicate or transfer the Data to that third party without your express permission to do so. Please be aware that these third parties may be located outside the European economic area and may be located in countries where there is no legislation to protect the Data;

(E) that the Data may be communicated and transferred electronically, that the authorized electronic transmission by email on the internet or otherwise has inherent risks and that such communications may become lost, delayed, intercepted, corrupted or be otherwise altered, rendered incomplete or fail to be delivered.

As the authorized electronic transmission of the Data cannot be guaranteed to be secure and confidential, I hereby acknowledge and agree that CIFA shall have no responsibility or liability on any basis in respect of any error, omission, claim or loss arising from or in connection with the authorized electronic transmission of the Data or my reliance on the communication of such Data. Furthermore, I acknowledge that CIFA shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss suffered as a result of any use of the Data by any third party to whom CIFA communicates the Data.


I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to adhere to the CIFA Terms and Conditions of Membership and expressly agree to the use of my Data by CIFA

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