CIFA Continuing Professional Development

``Ut scias quod develop`` To learn and develop

CIFA Continuing professional development.

Being a professional in any industry requires Continual professional development, it is essential to maintaining a high professional standard in your chosen field.

Professional development is learning professional credentials to enable you to achieve a higher standing within your career such as industry recognised professional certifications in subjects such as compliance, regulations and ethics and further professional knowledge which is industry specific.

Some professions use the term ‘continuing professional development’ formally, and require a certain amount of development activity to be carried out and documented each year as a condition of maintaining your employment within their organisation.

The CIFA provides continuing professional development courses in specialist fields of finance and business to enhance your standing within these lucrative industries to keep you far ahead of your competitors.

Studying with the CIFA enables you to display a high level of expertise within a progressive industry where continual development is necessary.

Our professional development programmes provide a structured framework for our students to develop professional skills which directly relate to their specialist fields.

The CIFA benchmark courses in regulation and ethical practices come in different levels (3,4,5) to correspond to the needs of professionals with various targets and are internationally accredited and recognised worldwide.

We incorporate valuable insight and practical working knowledge with a high set of standards and learning outcomes that enhance your opportunities within your chosen career.

The CIFA continual development programs are all tailored to industry specific roles and are continually updated to not only remain relevant but exceed the standards required according to your industry.

To find out more on how we can help you on your continual development journey you can email or call us through our contact us page.

If you are a company that sponsors professional development within your institution, please enquire about our corporate rates.

The CIFA prides ourselves on our attention to detail and professional integrity with a worldwide network of highly skilled professors, associate professors and high level executives in specialist fields to deliver outstanding courses that achieve results.