CIFA Exams & Preparation


Due to the Corona virus pandemic and the immediate threat to our candidate’s health and wellbeing the CIFA has revised our exam procedure and withdrawn from the use of test centres, instead our exams will be independently adjudicated online through our platform.

Conducting examinations in test centres worldwide at this stage could put our students in significant personal danger, we value our student’s health and educational standards and will always endeavour to ensure both are safeguarded.

The changes that have been made are as follows;

Each test is now independently scored and graded by our senior professors and board of examiners after the initial online test is taken.

Test results will be delivered online informing the participant if they will be entitled to a full success certificate or to a certificate of attendance and completion. The participant will receive a notification on pass percentage or failure notice.

Once you have your test results we will process this and follow up with an email notification and your accredited certificate of completion.

We appreciate how difficult times are with the current worldwide situation therefore we would like to express the importance of effective preparation.

Effective preparation is critical to exam success and planning your studies and revision will help you achieve the results you’ve worked hard for.

One of your first decisions is around your tuition and study options.

There are two questions to ask yourself before you start studying any CIFA Qualifications.
Is self-study suitable for you? and, most importantly, what’s going to give you the best chance of passing?

Are you disciplined and devoted enough to study independently, assess and answer your own questions? or would you benefit from study support with senior professors worldwide?
The CIFA design all courses for independent self-study however we do appreciate that in certain cases it is important to be able to ask questions and have the peace of mind and security of expert advice and private tuition.

To accommodate these educational needs, we provide a support service that gives our students the best possible chances of success on the very first attempt.

Online support directly to your course coordinator and/or a senior professional in the subject category who will respond to you via email within 72 hours.

Face to face support option involves online media calls and direct email support with a senior course coordinator in your field 5 days per week.

Gain the knowledge you need and learn how to apply that knowledge in an exam. Studying with an approved learning partner significantly increases your chances of exam success.