CIFA Exemptions


The Certified Institute for Further Accreditation exemptions.

With CIFA You may be eligible to claim CIFA exemptions for relevant CIFA exams and qualifications obtained through other professional bodies or universities. Subject to the published qualification completion requirements these can be used to help you achieve CIFA qualifications more quickly. Standard prior learning awards for business, law, and maths degrees.

If you hold a degree or professional qualification in a relevant subject, for example, accounting, business, law, finance, management or maths, you could receive credits that count towards completion of a CIFA qualification.

Details of our standard and most common prior learning awards – university degrees in business or maths-related subjects – are covered in the following document:

If you can’t find your particular qualification, we suggest submitting an application anyway – we’ll advise next steps, once we receive your application form, results transcript and completion certificate.

Please enter your awarding body and qualification names as they appear on your qualification documentation.

University business, law, or maths degrees: Please select the ‘Other UK university’ / ‘Other non-UK university’.

If you have multiple qualifications, whether they are from the same awarding body or different awarding bodies, please make one application per qualification.

Please email [email protected]