CIFA Finance Study

Finance Study

Our foundation level and advanced professional study routes in Wealth Management, Investment analysis, Financial Planning, Mortgage Advice and Stock Broking offer practitioners the opportunity to achieve core competence in key financial areas to develop strong ethical foundations in compliance and regulation.
The CIFA take pride in our attention to detail ensuring that our students gain the key competency skills to perform at the highest levels of financial services in all sectors of the industry.
Our professional qualifications will enhance your career prospects by teaching you the key skills and professional regulatory standards that are highly sought after by top level employers within the financial markets.

When you study with the CIFA
We design our courses with the student in mind; we understand that each individual learns at different a pace which is the key reason our courses are all in pdf file formats to enable you to study and develop at your own pace from any device capable of reading pdf.
As a CIFA member you will be able to download the study materials as many times as necessary until you have sat your examination/s.
Which means you can independently print the study materials should you wish to.
All CIFA candidates will be provided a unique reference number confirming your enrollment.
Please note that you will have to retain this in order to book your online examination.

The CIFA make the learning and exam experience as smooth as possible to ensure that our students can perform at the best of their abilities and progress at a speed that is suitable to their individual needs.
Our qualifications are designed, developed and reviewed regularly by senior professional practitioners to ensure they are purpose built for the market and continually remain relevant.
Various financial organisations and institutions worldwide use our qualifications to benchmark the professional knowledge and integrity of their staff.
Our prestigious qualifications set a highly revered standard and significantly higher level of foundation and professional knowledge that employers worldwide actively search candidate CVs for.
The CIFA accreditation will enhance your CV and make you a more appealing candidate across a broad range of disciplines within financial services.
The CIFA accreditation is the main go to for recent graduates or students that are close to graduation with their academic studies who wish to get a head start on their professional development within compliance and regulations, to advance their career and make their professional integrity stand out within a highly competitive field.
Career changers and academics that are new to the financial services industry wishing to change their career path will benefit from our introduction to finance and professional regulation courses.