CIFA Identity Assured Online Exams

``CIFA Identity Assured Online Exams ``

CIFA is a dynamic and forward-thinking education management company that delivers professional development solutions for professionals across multiple industry sectors.
Historically, e-learning platforms have relied on simple and outdated methods, such as username and password authentication to verify user identity.
CIFA knows that this is very dangerous for professional institutions and for the credibility of the student, who has studied to obtain a qualification to enable them to better themselves professionally.
Online exams are far more convenient and economical than in-person proctored exams; but this makes it possible for someone else to take the exam.
In highly professional fields, the credibility of your educational qualification can mean the difference between securing a life changing career and facing rejection.
Professional institutions need to be assured of the integrity of the qualification and that the individual who they are about to employ genuinely has the expected credentials.
This is how professional educational institutions assured against cheating, which maintained the professional integrity of the examination and the student sitting it.
The COVID19 pandemic has forced educators and professional trainers the world over to review their teaching methods.
This brought about significant challenges in the way CIFA exams could be taken.
The challenge was taken up by CIFA and we have spent a great deal of time developing a method that would not only secure the health and safety of our CIFA students, but also assure a high professional standing to maintain the highest levels of credibility for our prestigious CIFA qualifications.
CIFA have left nothing to chance; the professional standing of our educational institution and the credibility and credentials of the student sitting the examination are paramount and, for these reasons, we are introducing biometric facial recognition software to eradicate any doubts as to the authenticity of the students’ qualified status.
CIFA are dedicated to delivering excellence and professional integrity, which means our students will now be able to sit the examination in the comfort and safety of their own home while maintaining the highest levels of professional credibility.
Our development teams have been working around the clock to introduce the verification and validation process for our examinations. We are expecting the launch for the updated examinations to be taken in the earliest part of November 2020.
The details of the process for registration and validation will be published on the CIFA website before the launch.
We would like to thank all of our students for the patience they have shown us while we overcame this unprecedented challenge.
CIFA are proud to be an innovative and dynamic company, focussing on meeting the professional needs of our students.