CIFA Workbook Policy FAQ’s

1. Who has to purchase a CIFA workbook?

All candidates who book an exam with the CIFA have to purchase the corresponding workbook unless they have one that was previously ordered from an accredited training partner.

2. If a candidate has already purchased a workbook do, they have to purchase it again?

If the candidate’s exam is within the same syllabus period of the workbook, they have purchased then they would not need to purchase the workbook again. However, if the syllabus period has ended, the candidate can purchase the PDF of the new workbook edition for £59.99

3. I have bought my workbook from an accredited training provider; do I need to buy it from the CIFA?

If you have bought your workbook from an accredited training provider, the CIFA will confirm which accredited training provider. The CIFA then run regular checks with the accredited training providers to confirm purchases. If a book is found not to have been purchased, then you will be asked to purchase the workbook, or your exam may be cancelled.

4. What happens if a candidate does not want to buy the workbook from the CIFA and has not bought it from anywhere else?

The CIFA’s workbook policy is mandatory. Candidates cannot sit a CIFA exam without the corresponding workbook being purchased, either from the CIFA or an accredited training provider.

5. Why do candidates have to purchase a workbook?

Following the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), the CIFA reviewed its arrangements for supporting exam candidates. It introduced its mandatory workbook policy to ensure that all candidates receive the same high standard study material, therefore ensuring a quality process that minimises the risk of failed examinations.

6. Is it possible to buy the PDF workbook without having previously purchased the hard copy workbook?

No, this is not possible. Candidates must first purchase the hard copy workbook for £298.00.
The £59.99 PDF offer is only for candidates who have purchased their hard copy workbook and who have not passed their exam within the syllabus period.

7. Can candidates return their workbook unopened and receive a refund?

If a candidate has purchased a workbook as part of the mandatory workbook policy, the CIFA will not accept returns or provide refunds unless the workbook is damaged upon delivery.