Efficient Leadership

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efficient leadership

Efficient Leadership Certification Program

Detailed information about the program:

The objective of the program:

“In a world of uncertainties where change is experiencing dizzying speed, we believe that being able to demonstrate 21st century skills in order to deal with difficulties in the business environment will take business people who have undertaken the management function one step further.

Being a next-generation administrator means changing the way they do business, as well as changing perspectives and converting competencies. During this training, participants are targeted to experience their basic 21st century competencies and develop them. During the training period, participants will see at what stage they are at in these competencies and have come a long way towards improving their skills at the end of the training.

Who Can Participate:

The program is suitable for all participants interested in personal development, and it is aimed to appeal to a wide range of students, from senior managers.

Lessons and Topics:

·         21st Century Human Skills

·         Personal Awareness – Self-Knowledge

·         The State of Good – Feel Whole and Good

·         Communication Climate and Emotion Management

·         Collaboration – Working Together

·         Creativity and Innovation

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Information, Media and Technology Literacy

·         Critical Thinking

·         Problem Solving Techniques and Decision Making

·         Leadership

One of the most important competencies of the 21st century is that you will be able to create your own model with applications that you can recognise and achieve leadership competencies in this training.


Differences Between The Manager and the Leader
Leadership Models
Which Leadership Model Is Effective When?
Effective Leader and Communication
What Are the Characteristics of Successful Leaders?


In the training workshop environment, participants are provided the application environment to learn by experiencing leadership competencies and feedback of the workshop leader’s experience and knowledge. In addition to the theoretical information to be given, the program will be designed with the content on which participants will share their leadership experience and apply it.

Duration and Days:

Schedule: 6 weeks
Total lesson time : 72 hours

Course Content

Time: 6 weeks

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