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The IAC is one of the investment industry’s benchmark entry-level qualifications that has specifically been designed by the CIFA to enrich your professional knowledge in compliance regulation and ethical behaviors within the professions of investment management and investment analysis.

The CIFA IAC is a certification you definitely do not want to be without if you are A, trying to break into the industry or B, if you are an existing professional that wants to advance your career without pursuing the lengthy CFA Certification.

Awarded by CIFA.AC, the Investment Advisor Certificate (IAC) is in compliance with internationally accredited and recognized certification programs worldwide.

This Certification is ideal for graduates as it delivers the core foundation knowledge that employers actively search for on candidate’s CVs.

This fast track program is ideal for candidates that are actively applying for investment positions internationally.

The study time for this certification is 140 hours.

The course outlines the fundamentals of investment principals with significant focus on regulation and ethics and highlights the requirements of financial regulators.

The CIFA IAC is less time consuming than the CFA program but provides you with the knowledge and professional ethical actions that are needed to become a professional of the highest caliber.

The IAC is used by leading firms to demonstrate employee knowledge and competence for regulatory purposes, and by individuals working across all areas of the sector.

It has been developed by industry leading professionals, renowned professors from leading universities worldwide and some of the industry’s top executives actively providing top level investment solutions to clients worldwide.

Learning and Professional Development

  1. The UK Financial Services Sector
  2. UK Financial Services and Consumer Relationships
  3. UK Contract and Trust Legislation
  4. Integrity and Ethics in Professional Practice
  5. The Regulatory Infrastructure of the UK Financial Services
  6. FCA and PRA Supervisory Objectives, Principles and Processes
  7. FCA and PRA Authorisation of Firms and Individuals
  8. The Regulatory Framework Relating to Financial Crime
  9. Complaints and Redress
  10. FCA Conduct of Business Fair Treatment and Client Money Protection

Glossary and Abbreviations

Course Content

Total learning: 1 lesson Time: 10 weeks
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