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The CIFA Mortgage Advisor Certificate –  MAC

The MAC is a fast track gateway certificate into the lucrative mortgage profession, this accredited certification program delivers the valuable knowledge and insight needed to exceed in an exciting and rewarding career.

The Certified Institute for Further Accreditation’s Mortgage Advisor certificate – MAC is 140 hours’ study time and will develop your professional skills in mortgage laws, insurance policies, fiscal policies, ethics and regulatory compliance which are professional competencies that are actively sought after by employers within the mortgage industry.

The CIFA MAC certificate cannot be compared to the Cemap certificate due to the Cemap’s lengthy completion time and in-depth knowledge on the sector however, this certificate is a fantastic stepping stone that will prepare you for further professional development within the mortgage industry.

The CIFA Mortgage Advisor Certificate is a gateway entry level program which has been specifically designed to dramatically enhance the employability of the student in this field.

Studying the Certified Institute for Further Accreditations ‘s Mortgage Advisor Certificate will provide the relevant skills needed to succeed in the dynamic and competitive career of mortgage advice.

Upon successful completion of this certificate you will have the foundation knowledge required by top level mortgage broking firms to actively gain employment in this sector and pursue advanced certificates to further develop yourself in this lucrative and rewarding career.

This certificate programme is ideal for recent graduates, financial planners and career changers attempting to break into the mortgage industry.


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Time: 10 weeks

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