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The Certified Institute for Further Accreditation’s Stock Broking Advisor certificate is a fast track program that will provide you with the foundation knowledge that is required to work in the securities industry.

Stock brokers perform financial services for their organisation’s clients, providing investment  advice relating to stocks bonds shares and other securities, on a daily basis they advise their clients on the reports of investment analyst.

Stock Brokers manage their clients portfolios and provide advice on investments actively working on behalf of private and corporate clients to increase their investment returns.

The Certified Institute for Further Accreditations Stock Advisor Certificate will give you the legal foundations and professional knowledge required to kick start your career in this exciting and dynamic environment.

Stock brokers must be able to make clear and precice decisions in a fast-paced environment and deliver effective financial analysis while managing multiple client portfolios effectively.

The CIFA SAC will give you compentencies in the legal framework and precice knowledge on investment activities to enable you to give sound investment advice whilst adhearing to the regulatory standards.

The Certified institute for Further Accreditation’s stock Broking certification program will give you the key skills and foundation knowledge you require to actively persue a career in Stock Broking.

You will benifit from full study support with senior professors lecturers and professionals actively engaged in regulated investment activities on a world wide basis.

The CIFA SAC Certificate is a valuable starting block if you are trying to break into the industry, this certificate is Ideal for career changers and graduates new to the financial industry.

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Time: 10 weeks

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