Stress Management

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Stress is a global epidemic declared by United Nations and World Health Organisation names it as the greatest challenge to public and individual health.

Practical skill gained with this certificate program are practical applications of stress management and strategies, techniques and tools that you can use yourself or teach others to manage their stress.

80+ learning hours

Course Information

  1. Introduction to the Course

Understand the psychology

Understand the physiology of stress.

Understand what causes stress

Understand the negative impact

Understand the impact of chronic stress on health and wellness.

  1. What is Stress?

Explore the concept of stress, including a brief history, definitions of stress, homeostasis, stressors and the general adaptive response.

Defining stress

  1. The Physiology of Stress

Discover how the body’s endocrine system responds & manages perceived stressors & the impact of stress on different systems & organs.

The Physiology of Stress

The HPA Axis 05:55

The Stress Hormones

  1. The Psychology of Stress


Learn key causes & contributory factors in the stress response. Explore the triune brain model, Stress & the Three Brains & the Amygdala Hijack

What Causes Stress?

Brain Science and Stress

The Triune Brain Model and Stress

The Amygdala Hijack

Perception and Stress

  1. The Impact of Stress on Health and Wellness

Explore the physical impact of chronic stress on the body. Learn about distress and health, the Pregnenolone steal & adrenal fatigue.


Distress and Health Cortisol 06:37

Adrenal Fatigue

Stress and the Pregnenolone Steal

Stress and Inflammation

Glucocorticoids and the Th1/Th2 Balance

Stress, Inflammation and Disease

Symptoms of Chronic Stress

The Consequences of Long Term Stress

  1. Stress and Self care


Discover how to measure stress, lower the stress load & make lifestyle choices to help you master stress

Lowering the Stress Load 04:03

Measuring Stress

Stress and Self Care

Eating Well for Self Care

Self-Care – Move Well

Sleep and Stress

  1. Interventions for Managing Stress


Learn about self-regulation, perception and stress, the state management triangle, breatheology, meditation and EFT

Stress Management Interventions – Self Regulation

Perception and Stress

Stress Management Triangle



Emotional Freedom Technique

Tapping Script for Anxiety

  1. Putting it all together

Explore an example case study so you can see how to apply your new knowledge to practice

Review of Parts 1-4

Wrap up of Part 5 – Stress and Self Care

Wrap up of Part 6 – Interventions for Managing Stress


Your Stress Management Wellness Plan

Case Study Report – Initial Consultation

Case Study Report – Follow-up

Example Case Study:

  1. Certificate of Completion

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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