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Investment Advisor Certification

The Investment Advisor Certification (IAC) consists of three units: "Introduction to UK Financial Regulation and Professional Integrity", "Introduction to Investment, Risk and Taxation" and "Introduction to Derivatives", giving our students comprehensive knowledge and a secure understanding of the topics necessary to begin a career in investment management. Approximate total study time is 140 hours per unit.

by CIFA Management | Author Level 1

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certificate (IAC) programme is an in-depth, graduate entry-level certification designed to give our financial students a structured e-learning programme that introduces them to the UK regulations and professional ethics; investment, risk and taxation; and derivatives - all critical elements of continuing professional development within the investment profession.

The CIFA Investment Advisor Certification is suitable for graduates, beginning their career, who need to enhance their knowledge and showcase their commitment to further development in the financial industry, prior to undertaking FCA regulated qualifications.

Unit 1 "Introduction to UK Financial Regulation & Professional Integrity" consists of 10 chapters covering:

UK Financial Markets

UK Financial Services & Risk

Contract & Trust: Legal Framework

Professionalism and Ethics

Regulators of the K Financial Services

Governance, Principles & Regulations (FCA & PRA)

Competence of Companies & Individuals (FCA & PRA)

Regulations Relating to Financial Crime

Complaints & Redress

COBS: Conduct of Business Sourcebook of the FCA

Unit 2 "Introduction to Investment, Risk & Taxation" consists of 8 chapters covering:

Various Types of Asset Classes

The Macroeconomic Environment

Investment Risk & Return: The Basic Principles

Investor & Investment Taxation

Types of Investment Products

Planning and Constructing Portfolios

Providing Investment Advice

Performance & Reviewing of Portfolios

Unit 3 "Derivatives" consists of 10 chapters covering:

Derivatives – An Overview

Underlying Assets

Exchange-Traded Futures and Options

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Derivatives


Delivery and Settlement

Researching and Constructing Portfolios

Trading, Hedging and Investment Strategies

Selection and Administration of Investments

Regulatory Requirements

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