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CIFA Exams

Our exams are independently proctored using the latest facial recognition and biometric software to assure the professional integrity of exams taken by our students.

We maintain a strict policy on all examinations taken. CIFA record and review each examination via our proctoring service. We have stringent policies to ensure a high professional standing for our certification programmes.

As we are testing professional knowledge and understanding, CIFA exams are all ‘closed book’ – students are not allowed to use notes, mobile phones, additional computers or access any study manuals during the examination.

CIFA have left nothing to chance; the reputation and integrity of our educational institution and the credibility and credentials of the student examination are paramount and, for these reasons, we adhere to strict rules to eradicate any doubts as to the authenticity of the student’s identity and professional knowledge upon successful completion of our exams.

We are dedicated to delivering excellence, which means our students will now be able to sit the examination in the comfort and safety of their own home while maintaining the highest levels of credibility.

Our chosen proctor service is ProctorFree, an automated, exam proctoring solution that requires no human involvement. ProctorFree authenticates the student using facial recognition and maintains continuous identity verification throughout the exam. Throughout the exam, ProctorFree monitors for a variety of events, behaviours, and patterns typically associated with cheating. These are known as anomalies.

Once the exam is complete, a detailed and optimised report of the proctor session is provided to CIFA for review.

All CIFA exams are payable at the time of booking.

The exam fee is £149.99 per examination taken.

Once the exam fee is paid, any necessary resits are free (except for a proctoring charge of $15).