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Investment Advisor Certificate Units

Investment Advisor Certification (IAC)

The Investment Advisor certificate is a globally recognised professional CPD certification that is independently scrutinised and accredited by the CPD certification service.

The investment advisor certification has been specifically designed with the career progress of investment managers, wealth advisors and investment analysts in mind.

The Investment Advisor Certification (IAC) is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the key principles and practices involved in investment management. The certification comprises of three units, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the financial regulations field.

The first unit, "Introduction to UK Financial Regulation and Professional Integrity", covers the regulations that govern the financial industry in the UK and the importance of professional integrity in the field. This unit helps students understand the legal and ethical requirements for working in investment management, and prepares them to operate within a regulated environment.

The second unit, "Introduction to Investment, Risk and Taxation", provides an overview of investment principles, risk management strategies, and the tax implications of different types of investments. This unit helps students understand the fundamental concepts of investing and how to manage risk and taxes in order to make informed investment decisions.

The third unit, "Introduction to Derivatives", focuses on the principles of derivatives and their use in investment management. This unit covers the different types of derivatives, such as options and futures, and how they can be used to manage risk and enhance returns.

By covering these important topics, the IAC certification provides students with a solid foundation for a career in investment management. The investment advisor certification is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the field and the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

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