Student Enrollment

Student Enrollment
The CIFA is continually adding advancements to ensure that the highest quality of service is always delivered to our students without exception.
The student enrolment & registration fee is a one-time enrollment fee to cover all administrative requirements for exam proctoring and administrative services.
This includes state of the art Biometric facial recognition examination procedures to ensure the safety and security of our students while maintaining the highest levels of integrity with student tests and examinations.

The student registration is prior to all examinations and includes clerical and administrative support inclusive of Printing and delivering of all Certificates once examinations have been passed.

Our Student enrolment includes the additional features and benefits that are being implemented into your CIFA recognition on a daily basis to ensure that you have the full support of the CIFA.

Once you have successfully registered as a student, the CIFA will send you a secure code relating to your student enrolment ID to enable you to then begin your examination booking process.

All registrations are securely processed by our PCI compliant payment processor.

We do not store your credit card details nor do we provide your private information to third parties.

All payments are in GBP.