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CIFA offers innovative distance learning certification programs, to suit all students and education levels. CIFA specialise in professional development certifications that provide expert knowledge in specialised fields of employment.

An integral part of developing CIFA courses and CIFA Certifications is the use of the most up-to-date technologies available, and working knowledge of professionals across various sectors which enable the CIFA to produce e-learning certification programs to a standard that is second to none.

CIFA the Certified Institute for Further Accreditation is a leading education management company for distance learning, our education and development programs are available to students worldwide.

CIFA education, the Certified Institute for Further Accreditation is committed to helping our students develop the right knowledge and skills that will develop their professional understanding and enhance their career prospects.

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CIFA Certification programs are compatible with PC’s, desktops, I-Pads and all mobile devices including I phones and android to give our users the best learning experience while on the go.

The Certified Institute for Further Accreditation, Certification programs, and e-learning courses are designed with CIFA students ’ busy lifestyles and work commitments.

CIFA Certification programs can be accessed from any device at any time, for a truly mobile learning experience.

CIFA is the standard of excellence that delivers results.

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